Vernon NJ Spa

July 18, 2023
Elements Spa - Day Spas

Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa provides professional spa experiences at affordable prices seven days a week.

Guests entering our spas will be enveloped in soothing sounds and aromas while the journey to relaxation and restoration awaits.

Located just minutes from Madison, Morristown, Florham Park, Green Village, Summit and New Vernon.

In a stress-filled world, our full body Massage will relieve tension, soothe tired muscles and temper migraines. We offer several choices including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports and more! Be sure to ask us about our Signature Hot Stone Massage, designed to melt away the stress of deadlines and hectic schedules. Looking for quality time with a loved one? Ask us about our private sanctuaries reserved for Couple's Massage.

Interested in our facial services? We know radiant, healthy skin reflects how you look and feel. Hand and Stone's facials are performed by certified Estheticians and are individually tailored for Women, Men or Teens. Hand and Stone offers Dermalogica® and ClarityRX products and will prescribe a maintenance program so you can enjoy a clear, beautiful complexion in between regular appointments. We also offer Exceptional Exfoliation Facials such as Microdermabrasion and Peels which gently and effectively exfoliate the skin with essentially no down time.

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Spruce Up The Springs - Monument Valley Park Playground
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Paddling The Springs
Sliding Through the Springs
Sliding Through the Springs
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