NJ Resorts for families

December 26, 2022
Catskills Family Resorts

The White Sands Oceanfront Resort and Spa
1205 Ocean Avenue, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

Authentic Jersey Shore getaway for families!
The White Sands Oceanfront Resort and Spa is family owned and operated since purchasing the original White Sands in 1980. The Resort, located ocean-side, consists of 75 motel-style rooms; eleven with gorgeous Ocean views! Here, find two ocean-side pools, a baby wading pool, private beach, Kitcat’s Corner, and the beautiful NEW Oceanfront Café and Ocean deck! The Hotel, located on the west side of Ocean Ave, consists of 55 well-appointed guest rooms; sixteen with gorgeous ocean views! We proudly boast of Finestre’s Family Style Italian cuisine, Crystal Ballroom, The Sea Spa Salon and Fitness Center, Kitcat’s Corner, indoor pool center and Papa’s Lounge.

Just a few blocks away you'll find dozens of activities for everyone in your family to enjoy. Bring your family to the beach for the day or enjoy amusement park rides, boardwalk games, mini golf and much more. When you chose White Sands for your weekend getaway with kids in NJ you get the true, authentic Jersey Shore experience. Make memories that you will have for decades to come… At the White Sands!

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