Mt.Shasta Massage

December 26, 2022
Mt Shasta Massage


Notice: I am out of the area of Mt. Shasta until February 10, 2016 so please check back for an appointment after that time.

Thai Bodywork Session
Thai Bodywork is done on the floor on a mat, while you are fully clothed. Thai Bodywork can be a full body tune up or address specific body issues and chronic pain. Thai Bodywork can improve your energy and also be very calming. It can help align you mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally to a state of complete balance. You are invited to lie on the floor to receive... Walk in, Float out.
New Customer Specials
Thai Energy Package
starts with a consultation to know you and your needs, and then begins a 60 minute treatment that includes Full Body Thai Bodywork from toes to head, gentle face massage then energy work with holding special head points for deep relaxation. ~ Only $59! (Regular price $89.00). Limited time offer.

Thai Foot Massage Package
Thai Foot Massage feels decadent and luscious. Hands on massage effects the whole body from the foot, as points and lines correspond to the internal organs and every part. Great for all ages! 40 minute session ~ Only $39 (Regular price is $69) Limited time offer.

Combo Thai Bodywork and Thai Massage Package
1 hour session ~ Only $59 (Regular $89) Limited time offer.

Check back for more specials as they change!!!

Gift Certificates for Thai Massage or Thai Foot Massage
Give the gift of touch to your loved ones for a Mt.Shasta experience of Thai Bodywork. Please call (530)918-8922 or send email . I can help you order a gift certificate which can be paid for and delivered online or by snail mail.

Testimony: I just wanted to tell you that you greatly improved my shoulder movement.
First some background...when I was a kid I suffered a bad fall on the soccer field. I fell on my right shoulder with pretty much all of my weight, it was pretty painful. Since then my right shoulder would make a weird clicking noise every time I made large arm circles. As an adult in college it would hurt when I would lift weights over my shoulders, or after a vigorous weight training session. After you got done with me last Saturday it doesn't make that weird clicking anymore, it feels better too, not as tight.

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