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March 27, 2013
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Spa In The ParkA Brief History of Hot Springs’ Thermal Water - Hot Springs’ world famous thermal water began warming 4, 000 years ago, starting as rainwater at a time when the water and the surrounding environment were pure. Since then, it has been filtering through the unique formation that incredibly enriches and purifies the water.

Generations of Americans believe its distinctive properties are more rejuvenating than most any water on earth. Experience for yourself the wonder of these natural waters in Hot Springs’ most modern bathhouse featuring these thermal waters at...The Austin Spa located in The Austin Hotel.

Appointments are recommended, however, walk-ins are welcome, based upon availability.

Spa Hours:
Open Seven Days A Week, Monday - Sunday
Please Call for Reservations

Pain Relief | Weight Loss | Detoxification | Steamy Wonder Tent | Sports Massage | Lymphatic Drainage | Cellulite Management

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