Minerals Spa Vernon

January 18, 2023
Got minerals spa vernon nj

Elements Spa in Minerals Resort & Spa at Crystal Springs Resort in Vernon, New Jersey
Julie Register visited this resort spa in January 2013

It's been 40 years since I last visited this part of New Jersey. Skiing at Vernon Valley was a great winter weekend activity during my junior high and high school years. We'd leave school on Friday afternoon, drive about an hour and a half and ski all evening on the lighted slopes. Much has changed in the passing years. Vernon Valley and nearby Great Gorge no longer exist. They have been replaced by Mountain Creek Ski Area. Other changes include the addition of eight golf courses, four lodges, a number of restaurants, a bike park, a water park, lots of real estate development and...two spas. It was, of course, the spas that brought me back. I experienced both.

Minerals Resort & Spa at Crystal Springs Resort in Vernon, New Jersey

My first appointment was at Elements Spa at Minerals Resort & Spa. Elements Spa is located on the lower level of the hotel. I went down the stairs, let the gym attendant know where I was going and passed through the turnstile. The entrance to the spa is at the back corner of the large gym. Fortunately, once through the spa doors, I never knew the gym was there.

Entrance to Elements Spa at Minerals Resort & Spa

I checked in at the reception desk, filled out a short form and was escorted to the women's locker room down a curving hallway lit with softly glowing amber colored walls. I thought it was a nice transition into the spa proper.

Hallway to Locker Rooms, Lounge and Treatment Rooms in Elements Spa

We passed through a curtain of metal beads that separated the hallway from the lounge area and the door to the women's locker room.

Women's Locker Room in Elements Spa at Minerals Resort & Spa

Once in the locker room, I was given a key to a locker and a copy of my itinerary. I exchanged my clothes for the soft microfiber & terry robe and sandals that were in my locker. I was a little challenged by the high tech features in this area. I had to ask the attendant how to get the water to come on in the lovely copper sink (wave your hands behind the spout - not intuitively obvious).

Copper Sink in Women's Locker Room in Elements Spa

While there were showers, there was no sauna or steam room. I didn't miss them. I relaxed in the lounge and enjoyed a cup of tea sweetened with little red and purple chips. As the dehydrated chips became wet, they unfurled into tiny flower petals - rose and violet - that floated to the top of the tea. Nice touch!

Lounge in Elements Spa at Minerals Resort & Spa

My esthetician, Patty, came to collect me before long. She escorted me down the hallway to my treatment room. The back wall of the room was a hand-painted in soft, earthy colors. I found it very grounding and relaxing.

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