Jacuzzi, Resort

January 19, 2023

Pamper yourself in one of our four luxurious lake view Jacuzzi Suites for Two, located in the Main Lodge of our Beaver Lake Resort. Spend days exploring the resort’s 75 pristine acres, the water playground of Beaver Lake, and the nearby town of Eureka Springs. Each suite has its own private entrance and balcony or patio. All have breathtaking views of Beaver Lake and the lush, rolling land surrounding it. Enjoy the Ozarks from the comfort of your suite, or get out in them.

The Jacuzzi Suites were designed with your comfort in mind. Each suite features a locally made, hand-crafted cedar King bed with luxurious linens. Each has a private bath with glass enclosed shower, and a Jacuzzi for two surrounded by mirrors. The suites are equipped with Satellite TV and Sirius Satellite Radio, DVD player and a selection of DVDs, and a CD player. Fully equipped kitchens include refrigerator, hot plate, microwave, toaster, and coffee maker. You’ll find your suite stocked with coffee, tea, sugar, and creamer.

Bring a steak and cook it on the outdoor charcoal grill, or head to nearby Eureka Springs for a romantic dinner. Indulge in a romantic getaway. Escape with your sweetie to a Jacuzzi Suite at Sugar Ridge Resort.

Lakeview Jacuzzi Suite Rates

Jan 1 – Feb 12

Sunday – Thursday $99 Friday – Saturday $149

Feb 13 – Dec 31

Sunday – Thursday $149 Friday – Saturday $179

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